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Imagination Tree


"Breaking Mental Borders"


      In the imagination of the spectators the figure of a multiform tree from the primitive parts that allow its existence and growth, as an exercise of abstraction and recreation.


    With this, it is sought to extrapolate the phenomenon of the resignification until reaching its maximum possibilities.

      In four transparent glass containers, four elements will be exposed so that, combined in the mind of the viewer, each one recreates an image of the tree: height, age, fruits and external elements such as birds, insects and even light, intensity Wind, time of day, landscape and orography.

Container 1: Spring water from Chignautla, Puebla. Container

2: Land of Perote, Veracruz. Container

3: Zapotec seed (Pachira aquatica), mangroves of Tecolutla, Veracruz. Container

4: Air (oxygen) hill of Xalapa (veracruz).

The containers will be placed on an independent and ordered base, which will be called Tree. The spectators will build the artifice in their minds. This ability of imagination and recreation will allow them to break the barriers of physical representation, to synthesize the process of creation-recreation and the author-consumer relationship, with the mediation of art.

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