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His extensive production in engraving covers eight techniques, which he has mastered since 2005. Fund's most recent production results from the hybridization of xylography, collography and chine-collé, generating large-format pieces endowed with their own identity and a suggestive expressiveness.


The mouth is a hole and a shore where the howls coming from a mysterious darkness burst. Deafness can be seen, beyond the hegemonic vision, as an identity of the language. This collection whispers a state of particular alertness, of listening to an internal voice; a gesture of silence to recognize the animal that can transmute human contradictions. Textures and dimensions that invite us to deepen our gaze, beyond the obvious. Perhaps discover new faces, those that tell us about our dreams, those that ignite and... Those that sometimes we do not allow ourselves remember.


Two-plate xylography.
120 X 110 CM
47.2 X 43.3 IN

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