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For fifteen years, his artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs around the globe. He works through his fascination with accumulated objects, encapsulating them and imbuing them with visual and personal meaning in resin casts of classically canonized figures.


The exploration of society through what is wasted is an ongoing process. Inspired by the movement “Nouveau réalisme” and artists Arman and Cesar, Alben's resin sculptures have been developed over the last ten years. The artist travels through flea markets around the world in order to nurture his art. His work relies on the accumulation of ideas, discrepancies, and assembly to stimulate our minds. This project is sustained by his fascination for daily objects, especially abandoned ones.

French Fries 2


15 X 15 CM
5.9 X 5.9 IN

TV Candy

TV CANDY, 2018
20 X 30 CM

7.8 X 11.8 IN

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