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In the last decade of his career, he's created different art collections and experimented with different techniques and languages, developing a research about the processes motivated by places, experiences, and sensations. Nowadays, his work focuses on looking for the limit between the past and the contemporary, that one thing that is in a constant state of transition and that he encapsulates into his art.


A reunion with the visual memory of the streets and an interdisciplinary project of artistic experimentation that sets the dialogue between social memory, ephemeral architecture, advertising signs, and the passage of time. The paintings and signs on building's facades recount the recent history of the place, an intimate and emotional take on our childhood and path through life. Memory spins around itself, but it requires of mirrors and windows to stay on the move. Through the Strappo technique, used by anthropologists and archaeologists to detach and restore mural paintings from walls, Romero gives us that possibility.


Strappo and gold on canvas.

120 X 170 CM
47 X 67 IN


NESTLE 2, 2017
Strappo and gold on canvas.
170 X 200 CM

67 X 79 IN

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