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An artist whose influential body of work masterfully synthesizes the worlds of art and design. Across painting, murals, large-scale sculpture, and street art, as well as graphic and production design, his work possesses a sophisticated humor and thoughtful interplay with consumer products through collaborations with global brands.


Kaws appropriates pop culture animations to form a unique artistic vocabulary that spans a broad range of mediums. Now admired for his larger-than-life sculptures and hard-edge paintings that emphasize line and color, he has created a cast of hybrid cartoon and human characters that are perhaps the strongest examples of his exploration of humanity. The acrylic sculptures made by Kaws contain many recurring images, all with the purpose of being universally understood, regardless of language or culture. 

Holiday UK (Brown)

Vinyl art toy.

30 X 12 CM
11.8 X 4.7 IN

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